We are a medium-sized, digital media agency located in Ansbach.

The diversity in our portfolio and experience allows us to develop and effectively implement comprehensive cross-media solutions – nationally and internationally. We set a high value on our own production capacities. Here at Redlof innovation and customer satisfaction go hand in hand.


April: Realization of a multimedia installation for Procter & Gamble in Crailsheim. This includes the projection of competitor and customer data in their aisle areas using mini projectors. These display information about quality management on a large-format and heavyweight touchscreen in their aisles and an interactive large-format projection of a supermarket shelf in their designed showroom.

Redlof Medien is an Oracle Silver Partner.

May: Redlof Medien is the official dealer of Kramer Germany GmbH as well as the dealer of Hovercam.
Redlof Medien provides a webcast for 43,000 Siemens employees worldwide during a Siemens Healthineer event on May 4th. The transmission took place via satellite-supported Internet.

Currently: Redlof Medien is responsible for the live broadcast of the TOP 100 and TOP JOB events and produces the introductory film videos of the winners, i.e., the most innovative medium-sized companies.

Today, more than 20 employees work in our agency in the fields of video production, graphics, animation, programming, administration, marketing, and sales.

Expansion of our IT department.

January: Planning and implementation of customer information systems in the interior and exterior of a shopping center in Ansbach.

July: Shift from preferred partner to business partner of Siemens Healthcare GmbH.

September: Framework contract partner of GfK SE in the field of video production.

October: Implementation of a two-day, worldwide Siemens Healthcare event with several parallel running webcasts. This was made possible by our self-developed “Slidesync Technology Webcast 4.0.”

November: Two webcams from Redlof Medien document the construction progress several times a day for the new SKF warehouse testing center in Schweinfurt. With a planned documentation period of approx. 660 days, around 554,400 images will be taken. In addition to displaying the construction progress on their website, our goal is to create long-term documentation in the form of time-lapse recordings.

December: Automated access authorization for trucks at the entrance barrier for loading and unloading. Redlof Medien was responsible for the hardware and the development of the software.

Expansion of our portfolio in the fields of webcast and broadcast services.

March: Implementation of a bidirectional HD live transmission using our self-developed software platform, which enabled customers to present machines live and interactively at a booth stand.

June: Further development of our personalized photo box for events.

July: Official video partner for the “TOP 100” and “TOP JOB” projects of Compamedia GmbH.

March: An LED outer wall for the Erlangen Arcaden is installed.

July: We developed and programmed an Augmented Reality app for our customer SKF to visualize the components of a machine tool. This application includes, among other things, interactive 3D elements, videos, and HTML 5 presentations.

September: The previous video screen in Ansbach’s “Brücken-Center” is replaced by a new LED screen, one-third larger than the first one. During this time, a new layout was introduced, in addition to the current infotainment, which will permanently display the weather, the time, and a news ticker. This new video wall measures 15m².

March: In “Brücken-Center,” four more monitors are installed in the food court in addition to our video screen.

April: The expansion in Erlangen is completed by the ESTW from 14 to now 31 buses.

June: Planning and realization of large format display walls made of seamless displays to optimize logistics processes at Procter & Gamble in Crailsheim.

July: The infotainment systems in Ansbach are replaced by new systems after five years of operation. In addition to enlarging the monitors from 15” to 21.5”, the conversion also included an expansion from 10 to 15 buses.

August: The advertising times in the Spotlight program for Ulm city buses are marketed by us once again.

The infra Fürth expands its fleet with equipped Fahrgast-TV systems from 20 to 38 buses.

Kick-off of Fahrgast-TV in the buses of the Erlangen municipal and the Ulm/ Neu-Ulm municipal.

  • Awarded the nationwide innovation prize for medium-sized companies, “Visions in Motion” for Fahrgast-TV, awarded by T-Mobile.
  • The new software development department strengthens the branches of web development and digital signage.
  • Equipment of vehicles and launch of Fahrgast-TV programs in infra Fürth
  • Start of the test phase for Business Franken, the video portal for businesses in Franconia.
  • Expansion of the infotainment program with airTV Arrival in the arrivals area of the Nuremberg Airport.
  • Development, programming, and support of the infotainment media airTV in the departure area of Nuremberg Airport.
  • Establishment of the Digital Signage department.
  • The pilot project Fahrgast-TV
    Spotlight Mobil starts in the vehicles of Ansbach’s bus lines.
  • Expansion of the office building with an integrated film studio.
  • Extension of the portfolio to integrate web development.
  • Installation and programming of the Spotlight video wall (14m²) in Ansbach Brücken-Center.
  • Establishment of the department for classic media.

Building location change to the technology and innovation center in Ansbach.

Programming, editing, and production of the regional program Das Ansbacher Fenster for FrankenTV.

Specialization in productions for the “Direct-Response” TV sector.

Establishment as a video production company with a focus on the music industry.


Our business premises are located in the “Technologiepark” commercial area near the Ansbach hospital.


If you come from the city center, you will leave the city of Ansbach. Access to the technology park is via Escherichstraße. If you use a satellite navigation system to orientate yourself, please use Rügländer Straße as a reference point if the “Technologiepark” or Escherichstraße is not yet listed there.

Exterior view of the agency
Broadcasting from our in-house studio

Parking Facilities

Free parking is available by the building for customers and visitors.

Public Transportation

One can also reach us using public transportation. Take the bus line 752 until you reach the “Ansbach Krankenhaus” stop.