Ready for your career

We are a constantly growing company and are always interested in committed and enthusiastic employees. Our friendly team covers all areas of media thanks to their diverse skills.

We are looking for people who inspire us, especially our customers, with their ability to work in a team, social skills, and, lastly, who enjoy their job. Unser Erfolg beruht auf Teamarbeit, sozialer Kompetenz und einer gemeinsamen Freude am Beruf. People who convince us with their open nature suit us and broaden our horizons.

We firmly believe that the diversity of our employees is our greatest asset. We are therefore looking for people who fit our corporate culture and at the same time bring new perspectives and ideas to broaden our horizons.

Initiative Application

Do you have special skills that apply to our company profile? Then we would be delighted to receive your initiative application.

If you are interested, we ask you to send us your relevant application documents, preferably by email.