Customer’s Opinions

Customer opinion: Seeberger

Spotlight persuaded us with an attractive offer to make Seeberger widely known as an employer in the region. The cooperation was very friendly and uncomplicated. The spot creation also worked surprisingly quickly; we were very satisfied with the result. We look forward to future collaboration.

Julia Herrmann

Customer Opinion: ADAC Nordbayern e.V.

Great and competent guidance regarding the possibilities of Spotlight. Our wishes were always quickly implemented. Thank you very much for the good teamwork.


Customer Opinion: AOK Bayern

With our trainee marketing via Fahrgast TV, we could precisely reach our target group. Communication with Spotlight was excellent! Very friendly and competent employees and great service – including when creating the spot. We look forward to future cooperation.

Anna Schabesberger

Customer Opinion: BR Corporate Marketing

Our campaign was very well managed and implemented. We have absolutely benefited from Mr. Wagener’s experience and competence. His recommendations were of value to us. Thank you very much for this!

Sabine Masser-Fröschl

Customer Opinion: Sparkasse Nuremberg

Very professional, nice, and uncomplicated collaboration. Thanks to the spots, we were able to make our Red Angel Christmas fundraising campaign even better known. This was great for us and the charity projects in the region that received the donations.

Ina Kumpa

Customer Opinion: Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V. in Middle Franconia

For several years, Fahrgast TV has been one of our pillars for brand visibility in Middle Franconia. The Redlof Medien team still convinces us and inspires us today with their creativity, competence and the exchange of experiences.

Christoph Fleschutz

Customer Opinion: SanData

The collaboration with Redlof Medien was very pleasant and quick, and we were well looked after. After we sent our self-produced Spots to the team, they went live the same day. Advertising on public transport was a good way to make the name SanData better known in the region, and we received very positive feedback from many sides.


Customer Opinion: B2Run

The commercials on Fahrgast TV were quickly and easily integrated and the support provided by Mr. Wagener was excellent. A great way to reach your target group on public transport. Gladly again for the B2Run in Nuremberg 2023!

Lucas Del Din

Customer Opinion: ABF pharmacy Fürth

As a pharmacy in the ABF group of companies in Fürth, we could use Spotlight on all buses in Fürth, e.g., as a touchpoint for our online pharmacy and brand visibility. The collaboration is very cooperative and competent.

Klaus Stefan Maurer

Customer Opinion: Windsbacher Knabenchor

Customer-oriented, competent and reliable: Thank you very much in particular to Mr. Wagener from Redlof-Medien, for the very good guidance, communication, and implementation of our young talent campaign!

Jelena Torbica

Customer Opinion: City of Nuremberg

Competent, creative, and flexible – the collaboration with Redlof Medien was very constructive and ran smoothly.

Andrea Wiedemann

Customer Opinion: Akademie Handel Nuremberg

Competent support and absolutely smooth implementation. In addition, the top price-performance ratio! Thank you!

Julia Ebner (Marketing)

Customer Opinion: Fuss-Fit-Forum

We were very satisfied with the response to both our image film and our training offensive. The communication and graphic implementation went completely smoothly and were extremely pleasant. Thank you very much for this.

Christian Rieger

Customer Opinion: Ruff’s Burger

Very friendly and individual guidance. Even during the transmission time of the clips, the collaboration was uncomplicated and smooth. We were also positively impressed by the response to Fahrgast TV.

Manuel Plötz

Customer Opinion: MOEZER GmbH

Competent guidance and flexible implementation of the advertising campaign with a very good price-performance ratio connection. Thank you for the successful collaboration.

Felix Lingkost

Customer Opinion: Erlangen Theater

The commercials enable us to bring the Erlangen theater program closer to a broad audience, and we always get positive feedback from our viewers. Creating spots in the Spotlight Manager is user-friendly and takes little time. We are happy about this advertising space!

Wiebke Goldhammer

Customer Opinion: Königsbad Forchheim

Good value for the price, honest and open communication, and very high perception. Our event was very well attended by our advertisement on the buses.

Peter Lutz

Customer Opinion: Fürth Pirates

The campaign we had, has shown us that with Fahrgast TV, we can draw attention to ourselves. Since we received a very good response to our spot, we can only highly recommend Spots on Fahrgast TV to everyone. We were completely satisfied.

Georg Barth (1. Vorsitzender der Fürth Pirates)

Customer Opinion: Intersport Eisert

We have been working together for almost three years now and are very satisfied. All of our wishes are always implemented smoothly and quickly, and the results from the spots always draw more appeal to us.

Jessica Geier

Customer Opinion: Sanitätshaus Wegmann

The best alternative to newspaper ads. I feel like I’m in good hands there.

Peter Wegmann

Customer Opinion: Autohaus Ansbach

I’ve had three inquiries because of the Spots, and I’ll very likely be able to hire an apprentice in the fall. The campaign was well done, in my opinion.

Ulrike Kögler

Customer Opinion: TV 1848 Erlangen

I was very impressed by the short response time. One day after submission, it went directly live. Very good!

Roland Nagengast

Customer Opinion: Robert Bosch GmbH, Ansbach

Good guidance and quick implementation – very good collaboration.

Roland Deppe

Average Rating:

4.9 Stars (based on 25 ratings)