Program Structure

Program Structure

Program loop: 7 minutes

Programmaufbau Fahrgast TV

Fahrgast TV

The high-tech system is displayed on two 19″ to 21.5″ LED screens for everyone during the entire journey

Thanks to a varied infotainment program, which combines content from business, culture, politics, and sport with the essential route and stop information, studies have shown that such information media attracts almost the full attention of passengers and thus ensures an almost unattainable effectiveness of your advertising message.

This allows you to reach all potential customers with your Spot in the city.

The Program

The program loop is based on the average length of stay of passengers in the buses and lasts about 7 minutes. The spots are displayed in a constant alternation of advertising, event tips, news, and weather forecasts.

Center TV

With a total area of 15 m², the LED infotainment wall is unique in its size and automatically attracts the attention of passersby In addition, four more 42″ LED screens were installed in the food court of the Brücken-Center to entertain and inform the lingering visitor.

The program of these multimedia eye-catchers is up-to-date and dynamic. In addition to regional and national news, it contains event information and, of course, your advertising message.

The Program

The program loop consists of a 100-second BR program and commercials alternating with cinema charts and event tips.