Spotlight – Passenger TV for Public Transporting

The Out-of-Home presentation platform
by Redlof Medien

Digital, out-of-home media combines the benefits of traditional exterior advertising with the advanced capabilities of digital advertising configurations. Spotlight encompasses our own media offerings and presents numerous options for addressing your target market.

Within these projects, we do not only act as the technical designer but also as operator and marketer.
Spotlight Mobil runs Passenger TV media in the cities Ansbach, Erlangen, Fürth and Ulm. The permanent installation in Brücken-Center Ansbach operates under the name Spotlight BC.

Spotlight BC in Brücken-Center Ansbach – the video billboard located at the busiest location in the entire region

The Brücken-Center Ansbach welcomes 17,000 visitors daily. With its 70 department stores and specialty shops, it is the main shopping district in the region.

One that is always the focus of the public eye: The digital billboard as a means of infotainment – a vibrant mix of information, entertainment and advertising. Seamless plasma displays create an area of 14 square meters of display which is located very prominently, and immediately attracts the attention of passers-by. Daily updated and dynamically changing content can naturally be used to execute short-term promotions and advertisements.

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