InstantBeam – Video-Based Telephony

Many companies see great potential and real value in video-based communication. This technology will only be applied sporadically. An implementation in daily life is made difficult by complicated handling and high technical requirement on both sides. With InstantBeam, we precisely address this problem. InstantBeam refers to the simultaneous transmission and playback of a high-quality video to one or more recipients. During the traditional phone call, an internet link is being transmitted to the recipient. This link gives him immediate access to the sender’s live broadcast, parallel to the conversation. The telephone call is thus supported visually to consult the customer at its best. The recipient doesn’t need an application, no headset or webcam, but merely an internet connection. InstantBeam is characterized by ease of use and excellent compatibility and can be used with an active firewall, with any operating system and any device.

Your advantages
•    Worldwide usage even with an active firewall
•    Live video transmission from sender to received (unidirectional)
•    Works with any web compatible device and operating system
•    Easy handling
•    For internal as well as external communication
•    Image transmission in high quality
•    Very low latency (almost live)
•    User-friendly interface (sender)
•    No software installation needed by the client

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