With the combination of text, graphic, tone, picture and elements of moving pictures, we produce multimedia-based applications to support our customers’ communication goals.
Our in-house hardware and software capabilities enable us to map innovative applications in a variety of forms. Here, we love to develop our own concepts for communication tasks and furthermore support our customers from the idea to the execution and distribution.

Augmented Reality
The computer-assisted expansion of human perception of reality offers a diverse field of application, from the visual inspection up to the virtual presentation of trade show exhibits.
We develop in-house AR applications and AR apps. In particular when generating the corresponding content, this technology requires all competences of our company. As proof of our hard work we have already manged to win two prestigious marketing awards in this area.

Interactive trade applications
Interactive trade applications by Redlof Medien are always goal-orientated communication solutions that adapt flexibly to its required assignment tasks.
Here, particularly our experiences from previous services at international trade shows help us a great deal.

This might be the reason why we not only place great emphasis on making sure that our trade show applications meet marketing standards, but also on well-functioning applications in practice, such as at trade shows itself.
Within this area, we offer first-hand conception, hardware, software, assistance and the required full-service on-site.

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