Software Development

Within logistics, Redlof Medien enjoys a splendid reputation. In order to optimize the process of a logistics center, Redlof has extensively modernized the workflows in a warehouse. Here, Redlof played a crucial role in the design, the installation of the hardware and the programming of the software. Thanks to a user-friendly software solution, all loading and unloading processes, procedures and progresses will be recorded on a dynamic display panel that also shows unplanned changes immediately. This not only saves a lot of time, it guarantees an efficient and smooth course of event and reduces your operating costs in the long-run. Currently, our customer dispatches around 80 vehicles daily.

Redlof Medien also found a solution to automatic truck processing at the entrance gate as a means to simplify and accelerate the process. For this purpose, an automated access permission for the (un-)loading was necessary. This information will be handed out in paper form at the entrance gate, including a coded identification card and the allocation of the truck within the compound. To guarantee a successful course of events, Redlof Medien was responsible for the hardware. We also developed the software and ensured a functioning connection to the existing Gatehouse system.

Our individual software leads to ideal networking and guarantees a smooth production, both for manual and automatic production and packaging lines. For manual lines, a Management Software controls all production processes, creates quality checks and keeps the minutes. This is particularly important in the case of failure of equipment or generally any errors because the cause is thus easier to find.
For the recording of production data in automated lines, a Management Software traces all relevant background processes. At the same time, it records the speed of the production machine and reads off consumable supply.

Quality Management
Our personally developed quality tool is not product specific and can therefore be used in various fields. While we propose the general process and run of events, you can of course include personal desires which we would then incorporate with recommendations and ideas on our part to ensure a smooth implementation process. Thanks to our software tools, all processes are clearly presented and can be automated according to your requirements. The tool provides every office and every production hall with all necessary data in an automated and paper-saving way. It communicates with all employees involved, provides questionnaires periodically for quality assurance and creates report overviews and hence clarity. Possible problems or errors are detected and fixed immediately.
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