Webcast Service 4.0

Conferences / Symposia / Meetings Online

Virtual or hybridWe realize virtual and hybrid meetings at the highest technical level.
Our goal is to offer your online participants the best possible meeting experience online and thus achieve the maximum success for your meeting objectives. Interactive TV is the best way to describe our quality requirements.

→ From Webcast to Broadcast

OptionsTake part in a purely “virtual” conference with your speakers and also your participants exclusively online.
Also make your conference accessible to all participants online in real-time.
Expand your real meeting with speakers, which are connected over the Internet.

Our distinctive featuresThrough the use and combination of several key technologies developed by ourselves, we are able to offer implementation concepts that fully meet the special requirements of the medical meeting area.

  • Highest PowerPoint-slide quality (incl. animations and movie clips) even with slow internet connections
  • Access to the lectures purely browser-based and cross-platform. No software installation necessary
  • Easy integration of external speakers, even with restrictive network situations
  • Versatile interaction options for the participant
  • International CDN (Content Delivery Network) with worldwide coverage

Our serviceWe offer a comprehensive implementation concept. From the image and sound recording with our own hardware to our own servers and the design adjustment of layout specifications, everything from one source and everything with our own staff.

Technologies & Options

  • SlideSync Technology – Best possible broadcast of PowerPoint presentations
  • Video and sound transmission in High Definition
  • Scalability – from one to several tens of thousands of simultaneous users
  • Beamstream Speak & Present – High quality connection of external speakers
  • Virtual hands-on sessions – remote control of workstations by participants in High Definition
  • Exceptionally high connectivity (firewall compatible) and platform coverage (workstation, tablet and smartphone)
  • Easy access for your participants – browser-based and without software installation
  • Comprehensive interaction options – real-time surveys and evaluation, textchat, telephone dial-up, live connection, as well as virtual hands-on sessions
  • Social Media integration
  • Hybrid option – Seamless combination of on- and offline participants
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